You, Me and Us. Couldn't do it without You

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You, Me and Us. Being a Micro Indie.

 Couldn't do it with out You!

Now, while that sounds like a corny phrase; I mean it. Like literally, if you guys don't buy anything, I would have to close. That's Retail. This is a Double Entendre*, because I actually couldn't. That's an Independent, Yes my initial reason for 'meeting' many of you, will have been professional (Snigger), but I have made some life long friends running Growing Needs.

Be it Organic Clothes, a Jujube addiction or a mutually confusing, hilarious miss-understanding about some fresh fruit ... (You know who you are) that brought us together, some of you are keepers. People I laugh out loud with, confide in, lean on for advice on pretty much a daily basis.  

So, actually, I really couldn't do it with out you, any of you. This, Growing Needs, can only work when I have your support. So really, a Massive Thank You to those who come to Growing Needs for your various retail fixes, I thoroughly enjoy packing your parcels I know will bring you joy. Thank you to those of you who regularly check in, asking after retail life and my dodgy Pancreas, your moral support is invaluable. Being an Independent, really is You, Me & Us. 

On that Note, (oh come on, I do have a job to do!) We have oodles of New stock in just now. I would love you all to take a look, Blog-you-me-us entered at the checkout will get you 20% off the New Range of Kite at Growing Needs. It really is gorgeous and fabulous quality, I stand by my statement that 'you really cant beat a Denim Pinny or a Breton stripe, combine the 2 and you have a winning combo'

So here, give it a look

Thank you 










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