You expect to get a fair wage when you work, Right?

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How gorgeous are these little baby clothes! Made from the softest #organiccotton perfect for helping to regulate babies temperature plus no nasty chemicals to upset that beautiful soft new born skin! 
The only thing better then cuddling and smelling a newborn baby, is cuddling a newborn dressed head to toe in snuggly soft Organic Cotton! 
In a bid to reduce waste we often buy & sell our own children’s Organic cotton clothing on various social media platforms. Unlike high street clothing, the brands we carry at Growing Needs hold value (half the original value in some cases) and can often be used for 2/3 often more children and still look wonderful, holding shape and staying bright. A Quality Organic Cotton Brand piece of clothing will long out last a 3 for £12 pack of Tops you may find on the high street. 

When it does come to end of an Organic Cotton piece wearable days, we try to Repurpose or Recycle. There are so many things an old piece of clothing can be used for, a few examples would be, Tea Towels, cut up for face cloths, collect your favourite's and turn them into a cute baby blanket. There are even amazingly talented WAHM's who can transform old baby clothes into beautiful memory bears to treasure for years to come. 

When it truly then end of it's time, you can feel at ease knowing Organic Cotton will biodegrade faster than regular cotton, no Nasty chemicals will be infused into the soil and you have well and truly done your bit for the planet!  

It may seem strange, Growing Needs being a clothing store encouraging you to buy less, but you can buy better. Fast fashion and the demand for low pricing on clothing is driving an already thriving trade of unethical practises to achieve these goals and keep a healthy profit. 

Huge warehouses are built in economically repressed countries to Mass produce products. Full advantage is taken of extremely vulnerable families, living in shacks, without so much as clean water to drink desperately seeking work to feed themselves and their children. These families (yes including children) work long hours, around dangerous machinery, harmful chemicals for very little in return, often less than the cost of a loaf of bread. This has to stop. It will only stop when the demand for fast, cheap fashion slows. 

 lush clothes we showcase at Growing Needs are ALL produced under ethical circumstances, this means no children are involved in the making of these clothes and fair wage is paid for all, the working conditions are safe and regularly inspected by our suppliers to ensure they reach good standards. Yes this make the purchase more expensive but don’t you expect a fair wage? And is it really more expensive? £ per wear? 
Make a change. Buy better. Buy Ethical and buy Small! 
Take a look at our full range of stock at

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