So... A Needle Pulling Thread

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Sew .. a needle pulling thread

Sew  needle pulling thread....appropriate that should be the second line of one of THE most Epic songs in the history of mankind! -No exaggeration! 

Without getting heavy on our second date, I also want to be upfront about what is happening of my life, I have made some wonderful friends via my customers at Growing Needs and feel an obligation to share.

Maybe it can help someone else going through something similar, or just make talking about our woes shouldn't be something to worry about doing. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?!


So, this email I have just sent...  


Good Morning, 
I had my appointment with the Surgeon on Friday and I have a number of questions, I am not sure if they should all be directed to you, so if you could point me in the right direction for any that you can't answer, that would be appreciated.
So, in short, my understanding is;
- The preferred 'treatment' is to take the lot out, Pancreas, Bile duct, Small Intestine, Gall Bladder & Spleen! 
Obviously this is pretty major, life changing. 
I'd be left a 'brittle diabetic'
taking penicillin everyday
relying on injections of insulin ( I don't think I could)
needing enzymes? for my food digestion (I would forget!)
It can not be done keyhole? (no more bikinis then)
the extras all need taking out because they are touching the 'NET'?
they cant take just the NET out, in case they leave some behind & It spreads?
I should not have a 3rd child?
Or basically eat anything I like ever again. Or drink
My questions are;
Why does it matter what it has touched?
What does blood in fluid mean?
Could it have been there ages and i have been fine?
Could I leave it and be fine for ages? (5/10 Years?)
If I have the whipples, I am very likely to get more tumours on the pancreas? But how many do/don't, to make an informed decision I need all the information.
Is it cancerous? 
Will Dr D***** be at the MDT meeting on the 7th?
Are the people who quickly get other tumours older than me? 
Can I go to the MDT meeting? 
How many people are just fine after a Whipples? I don't mean fine, I know its major surgery, I mean don't get more tumours? at least for a decade ? I know I am knocking on a bit but another 10 years with a Pancreas would be swell!
It isn't an Insulinoma??
Why do my sugars get so low then?
Should I up my intake of a daily 6 mince pies and cream to a round 8?
This tumour is not the reason I am able to have a diet of a small-medium troll and not gain weight?
Thank you in advance 
So, you see why Sew, a needle pulling thread, was rather appropriate!
Love to you all 

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