Lets Start at the Very Beginning...

Rebecca Tapper Blog growing needs Julie Andrews Lets start at the very beggining musicals Organic organic cotton Sound of Music Wahm

... It's a very good place to start!... She's right you know, (you are likely to find musical references on this blog, I love the theatre ooodles!) I have thought about starting a Blog for a while now. I have always found writing therapeutic, well... not that I have time to... So I am making time. Biting the bullet, telling it like it is, 'balls out'' as my favourite Aussy saying goes! Laying it on the table, telling straight, right from the heart. .. But then, I don't want to be boring, predicable and I definately don't want to be Sell Sell Sell, that just isn't me, I can't pretend I am a natural Business Owner.... It all started because I like pretty clothes and helping people get there happy post! I get such a rush when know how much a customer will love what I have packaged up! Like watching your nearest and dearest at Christmas, opening that present you are sure they will love!

...36 going on 17..  See said there would be more ..

Phew- glad that'd done!

Merry Christmas! (was i the first one)?

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