What is G.O.T.S?

growing needs maxomorra Organic What is G.O.T.S?

What is G.O.T.S?  
G.O.T.S. - from field to fashion
The majority of all Maxomorra products  http://growing-needs.co.uk/product/maxomorra-body-plane/  are certified by G.O.T.S., which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.  This certificate guarantees that strict inspections are carried out to ensure that the cotton, and other textiles that are being used, are grown and processed sustainably (e.g. that no hazardous pesticides and chemicals are used). In addition, G.O.T.S. demands that strict social criteria are being followed and regularly inspects local factories. In the poster below, G.O.T.S. explain what is different about their production chain compared to that of most textile production. This is an easy way for customers in a shop to get to know G.O.T.S. and why their work is worthwhile. Maxomorra is 1 of 3 Swedish brands that hold this certificate and and continue to uphold the G.O.T.S. work.

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